Wildflower, Kristia

Entertainment That Grows on You! Plymouth , WI (920) 207-8709 aboutwildflower@yahoo.com www.aboutwildflower.com Myths, legends, folk tales and fairie tales from Scandinavia to Asia are packed full of pumpkins, peppers, apples, oaks, willows, mulberries, shamrocks, roses, lilies, violets and many more. … Continue reading

Morningstar, Debra

Native Story, Song and Spirit Neenah, WI (920) 915-4154 dawest@centurytel.net www.debramorningstar.com Debra Morningstar — a professional Oneida storyteller — has been telling Indian stories and legends for 22 years. She is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. … Continue reading