Wildflower, Kristia

Entertainment That Grows on You! Plymouth , WI (920) 207-8709; aboutwildflower@yahoo.com www.aboutwildflower.com Myths, legends, folk tales and fairie tales from Scandinavia to Asia are packed full of pumpkins, peppers, apples, oaks, willows, mulberries, shamrocks, roses, lilies, violets and many more. Since … Continue reading

Morningstar, Debra

Native Story, Song and Spirit Neenah, WI (920) 915-4154; dawest@centurytel.net www.debramorningstar.com Debra Morningstar — a professional Oneida storyteller — has been telling Indian stories and legends for 22 years. She is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Debra regularly … Continue reading