Directory of Storytellers

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These storytellers have chosen to advertise their talents on this website. Wisconsin Storytelling produces this directory as a resource for anyone seeking a storyteller. Each storyteller has his or her own unique style and each has a diverse repertoire which may include personal or original stories; myths and tall tales, multicultural folktales; literary tales; stories for young people and stories more appealing to adults. If you are trying to find a storyteller for an upcoming event, check this list! By offering this service, Wisconsin Storytelling and its affiliates do not imply or offer any specific recommendations and are not responsible for your interactions or experience with storytellers. Presenters are encouraged to contact storytellers and their references directly. Fees may vary widely.

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Akert, Paul

Storyteller – Toymaker
3394 W Sycamore St. Unit 3, Franklin WI
Phone: 414.559.2948 / 414.377.9209
Email: / Website:

Member of Organic Arts, Ltd.:
MAST (Milwaukee Area Storytellers), Bristol Renaissance Faire: on cast as Storyteller Toy-Maker character 2014 – 2017. Alumni: Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School Midland Michigan 2013 – 2018. Storyteller: Tales of wonder for “Enchanted Evening” at Boerner Botanical Gardens. Story-time at Discovery World for 2017-18 season. Storytelling/toy-making at a church “Winter Camp”. Storyteller: “I Left My Heart on Broad Street” in Greendale. Taught storytelling to 2nd grade students at public school. Portrayed Alexander Mitchell at the 125th anniversary celebration of the Wisconsin Club. John Muir presentation and portrayal at Clement Manor Center for Enrichment.

Brunch with Santa: at country clubs in Wisconsin. John Muir portrayal presentations: Journey with John Muir from Scotland to Wisconsin to California and around the world. Narrative and stories with PowerPoint slide images. Corporate parties: For adults and children’s holiday events. Seniors Citizens: visits to retirement homes and nursing homes. Animal Shelter: Santa event to support a dog rescue shelter “Hello Santa”: webcam chats with children in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Brazil. Bristol Renaissance Faire Street Cast 2014-2016. Registered Nurse: retired School Nurse who worked with pre-school through high school students and families for Special Education and 504 accommodations. Public Health Nurse working with families with high risk infants. Background as a Behavioral Health Nurse and group facilitator. Sunday school teacher: religious education adviser and teacher.

Memberships: MAST (Milwaukee Area Story Tellers) MRAG Midwest Renaissance Actors Guild Princeton Club

Chipman, Tracy

1320 Wilson St
Menomonie WI 54751

I am a Wisconsin native who has roamed and roved far and wide and now resides here, once again in the land of red granite, dark wild woods and clear, near bottomless lakes. I stepped onto the path of storyteller 22 years under an Oregon hazelnut tree and have never looked back.  Deep listening, wild imagining and getting out of the way for the story to tell itself are the tools of my trade.

I believe that storytelling is co-creative and is set deep in our human bones. More than ever we need people who are mythically awake, listening and imagining us onwards! Storytelling performances, workshops, key note speaking, storytelling coaching and women’s retreats are a few ways I share my love of story and storytelling.

Conant Gilles, Coral

Storytelling Naturalist
Madison, WI
Phone: 314-973-6599 Email:
Website: /

Coral tells folklore, personal tales, and stories that build nature connection. She offers storytelling programs and hands-on nature activities for all ages, toddler to adult. Her storytelling programs are full of science and nature, fantasy, silliness, curiosity, and reflection.

Laugh, trot, sing, dance, and hunt along with Coral and the animals in her stories. There are versions for our youngest, wiggliest listeners, our oldest, most contemplative listeners and everyone in between. Dive in deeper with a hands-on nature activity that combines science, literacy, and creativity.

Coral’s favorite programs are seasonal; here are two examples:
Winter Wonderland storytelling program combined with Tracking Discovery and Exploration is a fabulous literacy activity that combines science, nature, creativity, and storytelling. The kids become storytellers as they tell the story they see in tracks and then make their own story using life size track replicas made from real tracks.

Summer in the Forest storytelling program combined with Pond Critter Discovery brings the pond to you (May – September)! Coral brings wild caught critters and discovery tools for kids to explore the unseen world of aquatic macroinvertebrates. From tiny scuds to bright green damselfly nymphs, kids and adults are captivated and surprised to discover a new ecosystem.


StoryLore – For Imagination Cultivation
Milwaukee, WI

Jean-Andrew has been telling stories professionally since 1983. She presents lively storytelling programs that weave magic with words, images and memorable characterizations. She engages audiences of every age, often with participation, and imaginatively invites them into the tales. Drawing upon her years as an elementary school teacher and school librarian, as well as her long experience in the storytelling community as presenter and instructor, Jean-Andrew offers a wide repertoire of story selections that can be adapted to many settings and needs.

Ever a promoter of storytelling and encourager of budding tellers, she offers adult workshops and credited courses on various aspects of storytelling. Her school residences are a popular way to integrate spoken and written language.

Kann, Bob

462  Marston Avenue, Madison, WI 53703
608 257-0958

Bob Kann blends storytelling, magic, juggling, and audience participation to educate and entertain children.  He has presented more than two thousand school assembly and library programs throughout the United States since 1982.  He has a Ph.D. in Reading Education. Watch an excerpt of a live performance of Bob on his website. Bob’s latest biographies for children, “Frank Lloyd Wright and His New American Architecture” and “Cindy Bentley: Spirit of a Champion” were published in 2010 as part of the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Badger Biography series.

Parish, Stacy

BoomARTS!  Come. Full. Spiral.

415 S. Olde Oneida Street #112
Appleton, WI 54911

With a BS degree in art education from UM Mankato, and 11 years in broadcasting—as a professional disc jockey, voice talent and copywriter—Stacy has been professionally involved in education and communication for over 25 years. Born a storyteller, Stacy’s popular podcast “Full Spirals” brings together two of her passions: using her voice as a vehicle for change and promoting the arts as tools for healing.

And as an artist, and a woman in long term recovery from chemical dependency and childhood trauma, Stacy tells true, inspiring (and even FUNNY)stories of hope and healing through the arts.

Prestidge, Kathy

prestidgeStories and More by Kathy Prestidge
Appleton WI

Performing traditional and modern folktales with a twist of humor, a tingle of fear, or a touch of wisdom for all ages.  Kathy has entertained school groups, library programs, and community events with her lively, often interactive performances.  She is also available for storytelling workshops for children or adults.  In addition to traditional sharing of tales, she also offers Storytelling Plus Maker Programs.  These include:  Origami Tales (plus paper folding activity), String Tales (plus string figure activity), Pancake Tales (plus creative pancake making), Pocket Tales (plus pocket creation and decoration), and Baking Tales (plus bread making).  Want something unique?  Just ask!

Recommendations: “Your presentation at the Niagra Library was awesome! You kept the audience enthralled with your various stories–liked the way you adapted the stories to the audience on hand. Excellent job!” Bruce Darne, Niagra Public Library, WI
“Our patrons and I enjoyed Kathy’s storytelling program at Shawano Library. Storytelling is an art and Kathy does it so well. I encourage you to have Kathy come and enrich the lives of your children.” Julie Dassler, Shawano, WI.

Sadarri & Company

Global Communication
Kenosha, WI 53143
(262) 748-3884

Sadarri & Company is the premier choice for multi-lingual storytelling in the Midwest. They tells stories in French, Spanish, Russian, Haitian Creole, Sign Language, and more! This vivacious family of teaching artists offers performances, workshops, and residencies worldwide for audiences of all ages. Specializing in multi-cultural literacy, their stories and songs have been showcased in numerous award-winning audio and video recordings. Their amazing work has also been featured in scores of books, magazines, and newspapers throughout the United States. This is Story-Play at its very best!  Once you’ve booked them, you’ll want to book them again! Visit their website for Storytelling and Creative Writing program descriptions. Note: Exact combination of troupe members varies with availability.

Visger, Terry

Terry VisgerTales by Terry
La Crescent, MN

A natural storyteller, Terry told stories to students in her classroom for years. She now weaves stories for all ages. With her high-energy performances, Terry engages her listeners and takes them on a journey of the imagination.

Terry offers storytelling concerts for adults, families, children, and teachers at libraries, schools, conventions, club meetings, festivals, and corporations. She tells traditional folk and fairy tales, ghost stories, and tales from other lands.

Terry also offers tailor-made workshops for children and schools. Using her skills as a teacher for thirty-five years, Terry can weave a storytelling workshop around any of your curricular needs. She also conducts workshops for teachers on beginning storytelling and using stories across the curriculum. Terry works with companies and adults to bring the power and art of storytelling into the workplace.

Wendt, Karen

WendtWorks: Stories n Flight!
Columbus, WI 53925

Lucy Beck Award winner 2018


Karen Wendt shares original stories, fables, folktales, and fun stories that connect with her desire to engage and interact with story listeners. She loves telling stories that sparkle “love of nature and being outdoors.” Karen mixes words with a sprinkle of puppets, a dash of sign language, a pinch of music, and ten pounds of wiggles to bake up a story of delight for children and grownups. Karen says, “I love seeing the kids telling stories so I often invite them to help. They become characters in the stories.” Karen believes that children learn more when they are having fun and she wants them to be engaged in learning about story and nature through words, experiences, and play. Parents and teachers love to see children engaged, using their imagination to tell stories. Audience participation is highly encouraged so be ready to join in the fun!

Karen has a program “Homegrown Tales” that she shares at assisted living centers and nursing homes. The stories are about her growing up years, grandparents, what life was like for her mom and dad growing up, and tales of travels with her family.

For references or information about themes, visit

Wildflower, Kristia

Kristia WildflowerEntertainment That Grows on You!
Plymouth , WI
(920) 207-8709;

Myths, legends, folk tales and fairie tales from Scandinavia to Asia are packed full of pumpkins, peppers, apples, oaks, willows, mulberries, shamrocks, roses, lilies, violets and many more. Since the beginning of time, people, plants, stories, songs, science, history, horticulture and humor have been inseparable, and so it is for Kristine Wildflower. For the past 15 years, Wildflower has shared her passion for telling tales of mysterious, magical and mythological places, plants and people.

Wildflower has been involved in the performing arts since 1970. She is a second generation photographer and a self-taught plantlorist. She has worked as a costume designer for 30 years, as well as acted and danced on stage. Kristine quickly captivates her audiences with her many personas — the original and imaginative characters she brings to life with colorful costumes. Choose from the likes of Pepper the Pirate, Cosmos the Little Green Alien, Witch Hazel, Cowslip the Clown, or Ivy the English Elf, any of whom could have stepped out of the pages of a book.

Kristine Wildflower is a storyteller and speaker, an entertainer and educator who is playful, animated, and dramatic. She can fill your classroom, meeting room or stage with her genuine energy and enthusiasm. With a large repertoire of characters and a plethora of programs, Wildflower’s clever improvisation keeps every performance fresh & fun!