Conant Gilles, Coral

Storytelling Naturalist
Madison, WI
Phone: 314-973-6599 Email:
Website: /

Coral tells folklore, personal tales, and stories that build nature connection. She offers storytelling programs and hands-on nature activities for all ages, toddler to adult. Her storytelling programs are full of science and nature, fantasy, silliness, curiosity, and reflection.

Laugh, trot, sing, dance, and hunt along with Coral and the animals in her stories. There are versions for our youngest, wiggliest listeners, our oldest, most contemplative listeners and everyone in between. Dive in deeper with a hands-on nature activity that combines science, literacy, and creativity.

Coral’s favorite programs are seasonal; here are two examples:
Winter Wonderland storytelling program combined with Tracking Discovery and Exploration is a fabulous literacy activity that combines science, nature, creativity, and storytelling. The kids become storytellers as they tell the story they see in tracks and then make their own story using life size track replicas made from real tracks.

Summer in the Forest storytelling program combined with Pond Critter Discovery brings the pond to you (May – September)! Coral brings wild caught critters and discovery tools for kids to explore the unseen world of aquatic macroinvertebrates. From tiny scuds to bright green damselfly nymphs, kids and adults are captivated and surprised to discover a new ecosystem.

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