Morningstar, Debra

Debra MorningstarNative Story, Song and Spirit
Neenah, WI
(920) 915-4154;

Debra Morningstar — a professional Oneida storyteller — has been telling Indian stories and legends for 22 years. She is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Debra regularly speaks to audiences across the country and Canada on American Indian Culture, history and spirituality. As an Oneida storyteller, she presents her lively storytelling programs, keynotes, residencies and Native healing workshops to hundreds of schools, universities, museums, festivals and conferences every year. She also offers outstanding one- and two-day Native Storyteller/Cultural Residencies, focusing on the Native American culture — including the dismantling of such dangerous Indian stereotypes as “Do you still kill people?” and “Do you still live in Tipis?”

Dressed in traditional Iroquois/Oneida regalia, Debra provides a substantial collection of artifacts, such as basketry, corn husk dolls, arrow heads, moccasins, and beadwork. Engaging her audiences with an interactive format, she uses a Native story basket, hand-drums, rattles and flute in all of her lively presentations! In culminating her program, Debra leads the children in a Native American Friendship Dance.

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