Akert, Paul

Storyteller – Toymaker
3394 W Sycamore St. Unit 3, Franklin WI
Phone: 414.559.2948
Email: akertpaul@gmail.com / Website: paulakert.com

*Bristol Renaissance Faire: on cast as Storyteller Toy-Maker character 2014 – 2023.
*BAPA (Bristol Academy for the Performing Arts): Paul taught a storytelling workshop to cast members.
*Gathering of Rogues & Ruffians cast for annual faire which is a fundraiser for bringing theater arts to rural youth in Wisconsin.
*Alumni: Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School Midland Michigan 2013 – 2022.
*Father Christmas stories at Discovery World for December 2022.
*Storytelling/toy-making at a church “Winter Camp”.
*Paul provided an 8-session story workshop for 3rd grade students.
Retired Registered Nurse: As a School Nurse Paul worked with pre-school through high school students and families for Special Education and 504 accommodations. Public Health Nurse: Paul worked children and families in a variety of settings. He has also worked as a Behavioral Health Nurse and group facilitator. PowerPoint Programs, 45-minute blend of history and storytelling.
Current options: 1. John Muir’s World; 2. Grace O’Malley, Queen Elizabeth I, and Thomas Jefferson: Pirate Stories From Around the World; 3. Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) history and stories.
Memberships: Organic Arts, Ltd.: http://www.performingartsmilwaukee.com/; Kenosha Story Circle, MRAG (Midwest Renaissance Actors Guild); Grobschmidt Nature Preserve Park board; Briscoe Family YMCA

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