Chipman, Tracy

Tracy Chipman
Washburn WI

I am a Wisconsin native who has roamed and roved far and wide and now resides here, once again in the land of red granite, dark wild woods and clear, near bottomless lakes. I stepped onto the path of storyteller 27 years under an Oregon hazelnut tree and have never looked back.  Deep listening, wild imagining and getting out of the way for the story to tell itself are the tools of my trade.

I believe that storytelling is co-creative, connective and is set deep into our humanity. More than ever we need people who are mythically awake, listening deeply and imagining us onwards! Storytelling performances, workshops, keynotes, storytelling coaching/mentoring, 1:1 Story Medicine sessions, exploring the way orality and the written word relate, and women’s retreats are a few ways I weave my love of story and storytelling into the world.

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