Wendt, Karen

WendtWorks: Stories n Flight!
Columbus, WI 53925
608-333-7008 muchadoaboutstory@gmail.com
Website: karenwendt.com

Lucy Beck Award winner 2018

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KarenandBradStoriesNFlight/videos

Karen Wendt shares original stories, fables, folktales, and fun stories that connect with her desire to engage and interact with story listeners. She loves telling stories that sparkle “love of nature and being outdoors.” Karen mixes words with a sprinkle of puppets, a dash of sign language, a pinch of music, and ten pounds of wiggles to bake up a story of delight for children and grownups. Karen says, “I love seeing the kids telling stories so I often invite them to help. They become characters in the stories.”¬†Karen believes that children learn more when they are having fun and she wants them to be engaged in learning about story and nature through words, experiences, and play. Parents and teachers love to see children engaged, using their imagination to tell stories. Audience participation is highly encouraged so be ready to join in the fun!

Karen has a program “Homegrown Tales” that she shares at assisted living centers and nursing homes. The stories are about her growing up years, grandparents, what life was like for her mom and dad growing up, and tales of travels with her family.

For references or information about themes, visit karenwendt.com.

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