Wildflower, Kristia

Kristia WildflowerEntertainment That Grows on You!
Plymouth , WI
(920) 207-8709; aboutwildflower@yahoo.com

Myths, legends, folk tales and fairie tales from Scandinavia to Asia are packed full of pumpkins, peppers, apples, oaks, willows, mulberries, shamrocks, roses, lilies, violets and many more. Since the beginning of time, people, plants, stories, songs, science, history, horticulture and humor have been inseparable, and so it is for Kristine Wildflower. For the past 15 years, Wildflower has shared her passion for telling tales of mysterious, magical and mythological places, plants and people.

Wildflower has been involved in the performing arts since 1970. She is a second generation photographer and a self-taught plantlorist. She has worked as a costume designer for 30 years, as well as acted and danced on stage. Kristine quickly captivates her audiences with her many personas — the original and imaginative characters she brings to life with colorful costumes. Choose from the likes of Pepper the Pirate, Cosmos the Little Green Alien, Witch Hazel, Cowslip the Clown, or Ivy the English Elf, any of whom could have stepped out of the pages of a book.

Kristine Wildflower is a storyteller and speaker, an entertainer and educator who is playful, animated, and dramatic. She can fill your classroom, meeting room or stage with her genuine energy and enthusiasm. With a large repertoire of characters and a plethora of programs, Wildflower’s clever improvisation keeps every performance fresh & fun!

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