Wisconsin Storytellers’ Get-Together

The 32nd Annual WISTGET  — The Wisconsin Storytellers’ Get-Together

October 15, 2022
An annual gathering of Wisconsin tellers actively engaged in the art and practice of storytelling. The Wisconsin Storytellers’ Get-Together is an informal gathering for sharing stories, ideas & resources. It’s a chance for networking, mutual support and being re-energized for storytelling in whatever form we practice it. Join in and swap some tales! Join us for a day of connecting, telling and listening to stories.

LOCATION:   Mosquito Hill Nature Center, New London WI or as a virtual event on Zoom.
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  • Enjoy a warm welcome from the WISTGET Committee. Chat with Friends.
  • Choose a SWAP and share your story.
  • Concert by WISTGET tellers.
  • Professional Forum – discussion or presentation
  • Lucy Beck Award Presentation – awarded in recognition of noteworthy contributions and service in the nurturing of storytelling in Wisconsin.

2021 Kathy Prestidge
2020 Kay Elmsley Weeden
2019 Sadarri Saskill
2018 Karen Wendt
2017 Art Beaudry
2016 Tom Clark
2014 Teju Ologboni
2013 Kristia Wildflower
2012 Jim & Karen Decker
2011 Virginia Hirsch

LOCATION: TBA Contact Karen at wiscstory@gmail.com if you have any questions.


  1. Register Online: Click Here Send $10 through PayPal. Donations are welcome.
  2. Register by Mail: Download the form (provided in August) and mail to Terry Visger with $ for registration. Donations are welcome.

Payment Method 1: Copy and paste the following URL into your browser to pay online. The URL is Paypal.me/WISTGET20
Payment Method 2: Mail payment to Terry Visger. 4987 Tschumper Rd, LaCrescent MN 55947 (Checks should be made out to: “Wisconsin Storytellers”). 


Thanks to you and the WISTGET team once again for being, like Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way.Hopefully next year, we can give your computer a rest, and I can see what an “in person” WISTGET is like. TW 2021


Just a quick note of thanks … for all of your hard work in making WISTGET a success.  Over these past months, I’ve seen a lot of teachers and programs get off to pretty rocky virtual starts before finally being able to iron out most of the rough patches to the point where Zoom, while never as good as reality, was at least a viable alternative. But WISTGET seemed to run very smoothly from start to finish – so a big thanks to you and all of the organizers for making that happen. – Tom Williams 2020


My heart is still humming with all the joys of WISTGET.  …Thanks again for all you did to make it happen. There was something very special about it being Wisconsin tellers connecting with old friends and meeting new folks that are a part of this unique gathering. Jean-Andrew 2020

This year’s WISTGET is probably the best I have ever attended in recent years.  The songs, the poetry, and stories were probably best of the best.  I really enjoy every minute of the event.  Thank you to those people who help to make this year’s WISTGET event. Franklin Chen 2019The Get-Together was a huge success and great FUN! Held at Mosquito Hill Nature Center, we are looking forward to gathering…[virtually] this year on September [26th]! Come play/tell with us! Deborah Morningstar 2017


The history and development of an annual gathering of Wisconsin tellers actively engaged in the art and practice of storytelling.

A short history and development of an annual gathering of Wisconsin storytellers and how to get involved. The Wisconsin Storytellers’ Get-together (WISTGET) is an annual gathering of Wisconsin tellers actively engaged in the art and practice of storytelling.

This event was founded in 1987 with the collaboration of the three storytelling guilds active at the time: T.A.L.E.S. (Tri-Area Liars, Elaborators, & Storytellers) of Kenosha, The Madison Storytelling Guild, and M.A.S.T. (Milwaukee Area Story Tellers).

A planning committee formed from the three guilds and organized the annual Get-together each year.  With the slogan “Hear It in Wisconsin” the emphasis was on connecting with storytellers throughout the state and encouraging new tellers.  The day included Story Swaps, shared meals, a juried Storytelling Concert, and a peer award for service to the storytelling community. The locations have varied over the years but most have been in camp or nature settings.

About 1997 storyteller Hardy Garrison of Marshfield created the Wisconsin Storytelling website which offered a place to list Wisconsin tellers, events, guilds and WISTGET news.  Karen Wollscheid took over about 2007 and Karen Wendt is the current webmaster as of 2018.

It is hoped that this website will become the go-to place for all things Storytelling in Wisconsin.  Tellers are encouraged to post a listing in the site Directory. Event organizers can send in information with links to their websites.  Anyone who discovers storytelling in a new corner of the state can pass on the information via Contact. Let the tales begin!