What People Say…


Thanks for a lovely event!

Thanks to you and the WISTGET team once again for being, like Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way.Hopefully next year, we can give your computer a rest, and I can see what an “in person” WISTGET is like. TW 2021


Just a quick note of thanks … for all of your hard work in making WISTGET a success.  Over these past months, I’ve seen a lot of teachers and programs get off to pretty rocky virtual starts before finally being able to iron out most of the rough patches to the point where Zoom, while never as good as reality, was at least a viable alternative. But WISTGET seemed to run very smoothly from start to finish – so a big thanks to you and all of the organizers for making that happen. – Tom Williams 2020


My heart is still humming with all the joys of WISTGET.  …Thanks again for all you did to make it happen. There was something very special about it being Wisconsin tellers connecting with old friends and meeting new folks that are a part of this unique gathering. – Jean-Andrew 2020

This year’s WISTGET is probably the best I have ever attended in recent years.  The songs, the poetry, and stories were probably best of the best.  I really enjoy every minute of the event.  Thank you to those people who help to make this year’s WISTGET event. – Franklin Chen 2019
The Get-Together was a huge success and great FUN! Held at Mosquito Hill Nature Center, we are looking forward to gathering…[virtually] this year on September [26th]! Come play/tell with us! – Deborah Morningstar 2017