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A Word from the National Storytelling Network Wisconsin State Liaison


Whether you are receiving this because you’ve attended the annual Wisconsin Storytellers’ Get-Together (WISTGET) or have been identified as a Wisconsin storyteller and landed on the contact list, this is an outreach to inspire and encourage storytelling across the state – and beyond. If you are a member of the National organization or not, there are ways to help or inform your storytelling. Whether you are telling professionally, at your job or informally there is a lot to look into at the National Storytelling website: www.storynet.org. Just opening the website will lead to many options. I’d like to call your attention to the online Newsletter. Just click Resources and select “NSN Newsletters”. “Storytelling allows you to slow down for a little while, to focus, and to present what matters most to you in a way that neither threatens nor preaches. In the end, it allows you to share the greatest gift one can give: one’s self.” An early 2019 Newsletter has some reflections by Kevin Kordi about how storytelling is changing but ways “the fire of story can and should be everywhere”. You don’t have to be a member to sign up to have the Newsletter sent to your e-address weekly for free. However, the Membership Benefits for joining the National Storytelling Network are abundant. Check them out. My favorite is the Storytelling Magazine which is a top notch quarterly publication full of events, trends, people, reviews, and a story or two. Each issue also explores a timely topic through carefully selected articles from leaders in the field. I may be old fashioned but I appreciate the paper-in-hand. I case you haven’t caught on, this is a slightly unabashed commercial for joining the National Storytelling Network. It is also an excuse to reach out to storytellers (of every sort) across the state. Whether you regularly connect with nearby tellers or are doing your thing solo in the hinterland, I hope this encourages you to know that there are options for support as we embrace this rich and personal art we know as oral storytelling. Talefully, Jean-Andrew